AHC Services

MEP Design

Providing Complete MEP Design solutions like HVAC, Electrical, PHE, Fire Fighting etc. We have provided our design in more than 2200 projects across various applications.

MEP Project Management

We have provided Project Management services for several projects like Malaysian Embassy etc.

Engineering Audit

Carrying out different Engineering Audits like complete building energy audit, Plant energy audit, Electrical safety audit etc. The audits done by us comply to international standards.

Passive Design

Using Passive Design methods for providing different services like Devats, displacement ventilation etc.

Air Management & Quality Control

With rising air pollution problem, we provide comprehensive solutions to remove harmful contaminants in air & provide safe habitable indoor conditions.

Building Automation

We provide design solution for complete building automation control like BMS, SCADA, Smart Home, Lighting Control etc.


We provide ‘Building Information Modelling’ to better understand the design of complete building & to visualize it. This offers ease in execution as most of the coordination is taken care by BIM.


We provide all types of simulations like Energy Simulations, CFD Analysis, Air Quality Simulations, Agent Based Evacuation Simulations etc. This helps in solving complex engineering problems.

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To continue our efforts to minimize conventional energy use and contribute in saving our planet by reducing carbon foot prints by using Non-conventional & most efficient in Building's Engineering services.

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